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Agent - Paul

Paul was able to sell my home at Belmont where others had previously been unable to. My circumstances made the sale very complicated but right from the start, Paul’s thoroughness and willingness to help impressed me. Throughout the process I never felt that Paul was not in control and looking after me. Not only did he sell my house, he found and negotiated the purchase of my next home which I absolutely love. Paul is the only agent myself or my family will be using from now on. I trust his judgement 100% and consider him a trusted friend. Thank you, Paul!

Bob Gillard

Agent - Stephen

Having bought and sold numerous properties, I am yet to find an agent of Steve’s quality. Steve Logan is a strongly ethical man with the attitude to help everyone. Steve was very helpful to myself and did things which were not required but did them anyway because he is a good person. Could not find a single area of complaint and would recommend Steve to anyone wishing to buy or sell property. Have in my lifetime dealt with several hundred agents, maybe even a thousand or more, and none of them come close to Steve Logan.

Wendy Stephens

Agent - Greg

I first met Greg in early 2017 at an open house for a property he was trying to sell. After impressing me, I asked him to sell my property in Sydney so I could purchase the Central Coast property. Greg sold my property very quickly and went above and beyond on what I would have known anyone else to do because he knew how much I loved the Central Coast property. I have since asked Greg to sell another property for me which he also did a great job with. I find Greg to be direct yet trustworthy and would highly recommend him.

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